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F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions

Which Package Should I Purchase?

It depends on the frequency in which you need to maintain email lists. If you need to verify your email lists on a regular basis, then you should purchase a monthly subscription. In case you have only one email list and would like to pay for it once, then we recommend purchasing a "Pay As You Go" package.

How Can I Upload My Email Lists?

On the dashboard, you have the "Uploading Email Lists" option. Click on it and you will see how you can easily upload your files.

How Fast Will You Process My Lists?

It depends on factors such as list size and quality. We use the best tools and practices in the industry to guarantee quick list processing. We verify more than 100k per hour per customer.

How Does the Email Verification Process Work?

Our algorithms have been specially designed to use tools such as; Domain Validation, Syntax Verifier, Spam-Tram Removal and Email Deduplication tools; to clean up, verify and sort your lists. We check MX records validityas well as carry out Bounce Processing.

Do Email Credits for "Pay as You Go" Packages Expire?

No, they do not. Your"Pay As You Go" email credits will be working as long as you haven't reached the limit.

How Secure Are My Uploaded Lists?

We secure data transmission through a 256-bit SSL protocol. Your data is encrypted and stored under the rules of our privacy policy and is only accessible by someone with login credentials.

Do I Need to Install Anything?

No need for that! All you have to do is sign up and submit your list; we will handle the rest.

What Is Your Accuracy Rate?

Our service is 99% accurate, providing the best in breedstandard for measuring verifications and endorsed by thousands of satisfied customers.

How Often Should I Verify My Emails?

Large lists should be checked at the very least, once every two weeks. Smaller size lists can be checked on a monthly basis.

IS Your Service GDPR Compliant?

Yes, Our service is fully compliant with the GDPR.