Result Guide

After your file has been verified, each mail address in the list will be labeled with one of the following status:

  • ok - all is OK. server is saying that it is ready to receive a letter to this address, and no tricks have been detected
  • error - server is saying that delivery failed, but no information about the email exists
  • smtp_error - SMTP answer from the server is invalid, destination server reported an internal error to us
  • smtp_protocol - destination server allows us to connect, but SMTP session was closed before the email was verified
  • unknown_email - server saying that delivery failed, and the email does not exist
  • attempt_rejected - delivery failed, reason similar to “rejected”
  • relay_error - delivery fail because a relaying problem took place
  • antispam_system -  some anti-spam technology is blocking the verification progress
  • - email account is suspended/disabled/limited and can’t receive emails
  • domain_error - email server for the whole domain is not installed or is incorrect, so no emails are deliverable
  • ok_for_all - email server is saying that it is ready to accept letters to any email
  • dead_server - email server is dead, no connection to it exists
  • syntax_error - syntax error in email address
  • unknown - email delivery failed, but no information about why
  • accept_all - server is set to accept all emails at a specific domain, these domains accept any email you send to them
  • disposable - email is a temporary address to receive letters and expires after certain time period
  • spam_traps - email address is maintained by an ISP or a third party which neither clicks nor opens emails

Emaillistverify® first analyze to identify the disposable, spam-trap and complaint emails, then we run the email identification process.