Getting Started

Emaillistverify® Emaillistverify® is a product which allows you to verify list of email addresses using our web interface or by integrating our API with your web based applications.

Lets get started to show you how our product validate your list of email addresses very securely, easily, and efficiently and provides you a complete detailed report.

Creating an Emaillistverify® account

You need to create a free account to get started with our email verification service. You can sign up by following this URL

Verifying email addresses

Once you have created a free account, you need to log in to start using Emaillistverify® email verification service. If you want to verify a single email address, navigate to ‘Verify’ in your dashboard, type your email in a ‘Single email verification’ text box and click ‘Verify’. You are good to go.

If you need to verify a list of email addresses, drag and drop your list from your local drive in dotted area. You can also upload a list by clicking ‘Select Lists’ and then by following further simple steps. Once a file has been successfully uploaded, select it and click ‘Start List’. Wait for a moment and then you will be able to download a cleaned list.

For more details, please visit our ‘File verification’ section. (Put a link here to File verification)

Verifying email addresses using Emaillistverify® API

Our API can be integrated into your web applications to verify email addresses in real time. Using the API requires few lines of code. For more details, please visit our ‘API verification section.’ (Put a link here to API verification)