How Emaillistverify® Works?

Emaillistverify® uses a prominent mail transfer protocol called SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) to check if the users email address is invalid or non-working without actually sending actual emails to that recipient address.

Although this is a simple approach but there is an overhead involved with SMTP and also mail severs often behaves unexpectedly. Therefore, many companies rely on Emaillistverify® email verification service. We have been in email and security industry from last 10 years and we have gained reputation in email verification process.

Here are our steps we use for emails verification:

  • Email deduplication - domains that match our existing database of invalid emails are removed
  • Domain validation - DNS entries for every email address is checked and validated
  • Spam-trap removal - Spam-traps and disposable emails are detected
  • Risk validation - Remove all the domains that match our existing database of invalid emails
  • Syntax verification - Email addresses syntax are verified according to IETF standard
  • MTA validation - Checks if a Mail-Transfer-Agent has a valid MX Record