File Verification

Emaillistverify®® offers several ways to import your list of email addresses into our system for verification. You can upload CSV, XLS, and TXT files from local drive of your computer, or cloud storage such as Google Drive, CloudApp, FTP, and web server.

To upload file, scroll to ‘Verify’ in your dashboard, click on ‘Select Lists’ and then specify where your file actually reside - hard drive of your computer or cloud storage. You can also drag and drop your files from your computer on a dotted area in your dashboard.

Once a file has been uploaded, it will be visible in ‘Imported Lists’. A newly uploaded file will be initially ‘Unprocessed’ and you can process it by clicking on ‘Start List’.

While you are uploading a file, make sure the following conditions are met for the process to be smooth:

  • There is one and only one email address in each row
  • Email addresses should appear in the same column
  • List shouldn’t have more than 1 million email addresses
  • The field names should appear in the first row of the list in order to categorize the list

Below is a screen shot of a file of email addresses to show you how it is properly formatted before verification.

Once a list has been processed by Emaillistverify®, a ‘Result’ column is added in the list to categorize status of each email. Read more about these statuses at our ‘Result Guide’ section.

This is how list generally looks in following screen shot.

  1. First topic
    1. Sub topic 1
    2. Sub topic 2
  2. Second topic
  3. Third topic
  4. Fourth topic