Downloading and Exporting Results

Once your list has been verified, you can download the results in CSV or XLSX formats by using following three options:

  • ‘Deliverable’ - If you are only interested in emails which are either working or valid
  • ‘All Results’ - If you are interested in entire list of working, non-working, invalid emails etc
  • ‘Custom Results’ - If you are interested in those emails which fulfill your specified criteria

Below is a screen shot of a file of email addresses to show you how it is properly formatted before verification.

If you want to download verified results, simply navigate to ‘Verify’ in your dashboard, choose your desired file from ‘Imported Lists’ and click on ‘Download results’, a page will pop up asking you to select file category(Deliverable/All Results/Custom Results) and format (XLSX/CSV).

Downloading Deliverable Results

If you want to download only deliverable results, simply choose ‘Deliverable’ and then click your desired file type.

Downloading All Results

You can download your entire list by choosing ‘All Results’ and then clicking on desired file type.

Downloading Custom Results

If you want to filter the result to download some of the emails, you can choose ‘Custom Results’ to specify your criteria and then clicking on your desired file type.

  1. First topic
    1. Sub topic 1
    2. Sub topic 2
  2. Second topic
  3. Third topic
  4. Fourth topic